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Our next regular virtual Coffee Shop is on 16/06/2021 from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

We are pleased to welcome Simone Callaghan as our guest speaker:

Simone Callaghan is founder of Social Enterprise The Goodness Collective.  She supports the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to make meaningful, impactful and mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses.  She is passionate about her connecting communities work and this has developed the work of The Goodness Collective in growing the support, mentoring and encouragement offers to a wide range of individuals through one to ones and learning programmes which encompass careers coaching, personal development and assisting with creating connections to helpful opportunities.  Referred to by others as ‘The Fixer’, ‘Dot Connector’ and ‘Mrs Stockport,’ helping individuals and organisations to find solutions on their doorsteps to their problems is the thing she loves doing best.  Usually, to be found drinking coffee and scheming and plotting her next idea is her happy place.

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Sue Weighell

Sue works with business owners giving them the financial know-how to grow their business. As a business owner Sue understands the challenges of running a business. As a Chartered Accountant, Sue ensures clients are both compliant with legislation (HMRC) and get relevant information to grow your business.
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