Meet our Committee


Jenny Matthews

In her business Jenny provides a full and rounded portfolio of solutions for budding entrepreneurs wishing to start in business and for those who have already taken the plunge. Her portfolio includes focused and practical business advice – executive coaching for companies wanting to grow – damage limitation and change management strategies. 

Jenny also designs and delivers innovative training courses targeted towards particular challenges and needs.


Sue Weighell

Sue says…”I have been an accountant for many years… but please don’t let being an accountant put you off!

First, I hated maths at school and my mum knew the one thing I would never do was work with numbers. Never say never!

I work with business owners setting up cost-effective and easy to use systems to get the finance information needed to run their business. I also coach business owners to understand their business finance and learn to talk the language of finance – financial fluency.

I love helping businesses grow on strong foundations and proving accountants aren’t all bean-counters!”


Caroline Daniel

Caroline is a Naturopath and Herbalist offering consultations, talks, workshops, herb walks, etc.  She has a special interest in CBD oil. Caroline volunteers for the Herb Society, and she organises events for local groups.
In consultations time is spent exploring your past and current symptoms, including using iridology, joining the dots. Caroline will prepare bespoke herbal medicines for her clients including teas, tinctures, oils, capsules, salves and creams aiming to restore your health. Not forgetting the importance of vitamin D.
Caroline feel passionately that people should be given an informed choice of treatment; Herbal Medicine has a lot to offer.
As background, Caroline has spent 12 years working in the pharmaceutical industry and has a degree in Biological Sciences, which gives her a strong knowledge base to work from.

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