Goal Setting in 2017

The beginning of a year is always a time we think of our personal and business goals and targets.

For each goal or target expected results will need to be identified, including measurement criteria. The focus here should be on results, not on a list of tasks or activities – what will success in this goal look like? Clear measures should be identified which will enable a judgement to be made on how well each result has been achieved – what would you look for to evaluate success against this result, what has been actually delivered?

Not everything can be measured with a number, but words can be used to describe how someone can observe a result that meets expectations.

Ask yourself: ‘If I were evaluating success against this target, what would I look for?’

Write down your goals and how you will measure success today. Why not share them with us?


Sue Weighell

Sue works with business owners giving them the financial know-how to grow their business. As a business owner Sue understands the challenges of running a business. As a Chartered Accountant, Sue ensures clients are both compliant with legislation (HMRC) and get relevant information to grow your business.

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