How can an accountant help your business

How can an accountant help your business

If you don’t have an accountant, then you may not know what an accountant can do.

In the early stages you don’t need sophisticated services.

Focus on these short term anxieties to start:

  1. Set up and compliance
    Your accountant can make sure that you have the correct legal structure set up for your business and that you are complying with legislation. Getting it right from day one will save time and effort down the line.
  2. Figuring out how the business is doing
    As businesses grow and speed up, owners can lose track of their financial situation. Owners may not know if they’re profitable, or how much they can reinvest in the business. An accountant can help you have this information at your fingertips.
  3. Taking away hassle
    No one gets into business to do accounting. It is essential to build systems that reduce your bookkeeping commitments. For business owners who are scrambling to do a thousand things at once, there’s no greater gift than time.
  4. Having a go-to person
    Owners of small and start-up businesses often have a lot of questions. You may worry that some of them are naive or stupid. Your accountant can be that person. You will learn more as time goes on and you will become more confident in yourself and your business.


Sue Weighell

Sue works with business owners giving them the financial know-how to grow their business. As a business owner Sue understands the challenges of running a business. As a Chartered Accountant, Sue ensures clients are both compliant with legislation (HMRC) and get relevant information to grow your business.

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