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I can’t believe it has got to November so quickly – one minute we are planning for summer holidays and the next we are planning for Christmas – well I am!  Sorry if you don’t want to think about it yet but I come from a really big family who love Christmas so I have to be organised.I’ve also been thinking about some of the events I have attended over the past year and one of my favorites has to be the last Handbags and Briefcases social media event that Suzie Zobair from Smart Bear Creative ran a couple of weeks ago.

I enjoyed the session so much for 2 main reasons;

1 – The content was fantastic.  Suzie structured the session around LinkedIn and Twitter.  She gave us bite-sized bits of knowledge and helped us practice and put into action our own strategies for using these platforms.  We all accomplished a great deal on the day and the ROI both in time and money was very worthwhile.

2 – Just as importantly though was the support we all received from everyone else who was there. Lots of other key pieces of information were passed about and plenty of hand holding as we got to grips with some of the technicalities we had to learn. Peer support at its best!

Peer support is so important and it is one of the corner stones of what Handbags and Briefcases is about.I have read a couple of articles recently on the same subject – they both highlighted how important peer support is to women entrepreneurs.  One of the articles talks about cooperative competition – a mixture of competition and collaboration, this is where someone learns about the progress another business leader has made and it provides inspiration and drive to help them improve themselves.  I really like that.  What would inspire you to be the best you can?Please let me know your thoughts and I will weave some of your ideas into next years list of events

Enjoy your November,

Handbags Briefcases

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