Book our October Workshop Event

Book our October Workshop Event

Why is it so hard to make the JUMP?

Are you contemplating starting your own business but feel resistant, anxious, confused. Do you feel secure in your job, industry, life and wonder if it is worth the risk?

Dani is a self-employed academic/transitions coach/workshop facilitator and consultant! She holds a Doctorate in career transition and has worked practically in this area for many years.

Passionate about supporting people to transition out of what is safe to what is right, this stimulating presentation uses career transition theory to understand why it is so hard to leave the security of what we know, in order to pursue a new professional endeavour. We will explore the experiences of a fictional character contemplating self-employment using theory that helps us understand the reality of this space through an intellectual lens. Theory can be powerful in helping us to understand complex problems. Dani uses a prominent French philosopher Pierre Bourdieu to explore this fascinating topic.

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Joining our networking group means you will be meeting local like-minded women with a range of business skills and experience.

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