The Sounding Board

The start of a year is often the time to plan what you are doing in the coming year in both your business and personal life.

As Chair of Handbags and Briefcases, that is just what I have been doing. In my personal life, I must make more time for me and book a holiday with my husband – alone!  Kids of 19 and 20 don’t want to holiday with their parents any more.  And my family history research has been a lot slower lately and I must make time to continue that.

Business plans?  To continue with current clients but which ones at the moment is the question.  It will be either too much work if they all say yes to my proposals or not enough if they all say no!

So who can I discuss this business quandary with?  Me!  And then I just go round in circles.

I am sure many of you have business discussions with yourselves and so Handbags and Briefcases have introduced The Sounding Board which a place you can come and both give and receive business support and advice in a supportive and confidential atmosphere.

Our first Sounding Board is on 16th January and you will see more information on the Our Events page.


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Joining our networking group means you will be meeting local like-minded women with a range of business skills and experience.

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