What did you miss at The Sounding Board?

What did you miss at The Sounding Board?

Our first event after the summer break was The Sounding Board. This was again a great event – 12 ladies – lots of enthusiasm!

We managed this time to fit everyone into one group so we were able to find out about everyone instead of just a few

Difficult as always to keep to time – we ladies just love to chat

There were some really interesting contacts and possible business links that came out of the event

One attendee shared how regulations in her sector are changing quite dramatically and it was good to see the group not only support her but offer some sound and useful advice as well around how to move forward

Time management and the benefit of planning was mentioned several times – we all seem to have lots going on apart from running our businesses

Great to be part of a supportive group of women that have our best interests at heart

Want to be part of the group? Then why not come to our next event – Speed Networking – on 30 October 2018

Sue Weighell

Sue works with business owners giving them the financial know-how to grow their business. As a business owner Sue understands the challenges of running a business. As a Chartered Accountant, Sue ensures clients are both compliant with legislation (HMRC) and get relevant information to grow your business.
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