Workshop – Caroline Daniel (Naturopath)

Workshop – Caroline Daniel (Naturopath)

Ladies, be smart, take steps now to improve your happiness, and your health.

Are you feeling the approach of Christmas?
Is it going to be the last straw?
Too much going on?

Can’t cope with day to day life, never mind the social and financial demands of the “festive” season? Not sleeping? Can’t think straight?

More and more people are feeling the effects of stress. Politics, Brexit, money, families, relationships and more are taking their toll. Lots of illnesses are caused by stress, high blood pressure, digestive problems etc.

We will look at the reasons for dealing with stress and what happens to people who don’t.

If time permits, I will have a quick look in everyone’s eyes to see if you have the iridology signs that show you feel stress more intensely. This may explain a few things for you. Our bodies respond differently to stress, some people literally feel it in their whole body.

Of course, we will examine some of your options to relieve stress and anxiety, including herbal medicines and CBD oil.

So take some me time and book today.

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